What Would Lexx Wear??

Bracing yourself for winter…with style

After living abroad since August, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” truly presents a whole new meaning to me.  Leaving behind milder weather and more of a heavy fall wardrobe in Florence, a snowy winter wonderland welcomed me back to the states with a vengeance.


It is critical to brace for the real winter weather…and have the pieces you need to be effortlessly comfortable while looking great this season.  Over-sized plaid flannels are a comfy and chic option for snowy weather, paired with a matching wool beanie.  Red is always a vibrant color for the holiday season, popping against a crisp winter white backdrop.  Fun, practical work boots are a must for walking through the snowy streets and shoveling.  I chose to wear stretchy leather leggings to dress up my casual flannel, accented with black leg warmers tucked into my work boots.  Bright red shoelaces pull the red down, completing a trendy and fun look.  We can’t control the weather, but whether we like winter or not…we can embrace it with style!


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